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Our company was founded in 1977 and started supplying components to the Paper Industry.  Within a couple of years we began to manufacturer materials for several areas of the Paper Industry.  

We have continued to develop products for the Paper Industry to address the realities of budgets and to solve problems.  For each and every suction roll, we have the best product for the application.  From compressed to composite graphites, we have it all. 

We have done a great amount of research for all of our markets.  Even though our markets have changed, we at SIP felt that our focus should be based on 5 main points:

  • Manufacture a great product
  • Put customers first
  • Focus on people
  • Build our network of informed customers
  • Secure our future

Because of superior products, outstanding tradition of quality and customer service, Sawyer products are being used in several different industries spanning the globe. 

All these factors have made our company strong for the changing markets.  In addition to the Pulp & Paper Industry we have expanded into other markets including the Food Service & Packaging Industry, Construction Industry, Textile Industry, Chemical Industry and the Friction Industry.

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100 Enterprise Street, West Monroe LA 71292
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