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Sawyer Industrial Plastics, Inc. is celebrating over 28 years as a materials manufacturer.  Emerging as a leader in manufacturing quality materials, Sawyer's purpose is to develop solutions all over the world using Advanced Composite Technology.  With over 150 years of combined experience, Sawyer Plastics has developed materials for these industries: 

  • Pulp & Paper

  • Food Service

  • Construction

  • Textile

  • Packaging

  • Rebuild Parts

  • Chemical

  • Marine

  • Friction

Sawyer Industrial Plastics, Incorporated is a leader in manufacturing products for the Paper Industry to address the realities of budgets and to solve problems.  The Polytron® Products now include the Polytron® K-2, Polytron® A-2 and Polytron® P, SMARTSeal, and PolyPres. Click here for online quotes.

Triple Choice and More... Suction Roll Seal Strips, PolyTube® Airload, Suction Roll Rebuild Kit, PolyPV® Roll Kit for Pocket Ventilation Rolls, End Deckles, Aluminum oxide spreader bars, shoe press wiper blades and, UHMW Polyethylene Dewatering Elements.

The NEW Polytron® SMARTSeal is designed to meet the needs of the harsh environment inside a Suction Roll without the use of Graphite.  The internal lubricity is provided by Teflon powder embedded within the matrix.  Learn more.

Specialty materials include Seal rings, Bridge Bearings, Underwater Wood™, Boom Wear Pads, and Cheeking Plates.

Suction Roll Rebuilt Kit | Polytron® Triple Choice Seal Strips | Polytron®K-2 Seal Strips | PolyPV™ Roll Kit | Polytron®S | Finger Joint Design
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100 Enterprise Street, West Monroe LA 71292
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