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Polytron® K-2






Our seal strips are strong, durable and made with an advanced composite technology in a single piece so that there is no assembly required.

Polytron K-2 has been in use since 1983 and can be found in many mills throughout the world. This thermoset material is reinforced with an aramid fiber that is vital to the strength and flexibility of the strips. Materials without this fiber are highly subject to breakage, both before and after installation.

Teflon lubricator bars have five main functions:


1..Rapid Break-in of the new strip A small lip of Teflon is left above the upper surface. This lip conforms to any irregularities of the inner surface of the shell and is especially advantageous on a worn shell.


2. Non-Abrasive to the shell and has never caused undue wear on a suction roll shell. The use of Teflon and graphite results in a very low coefficient of friction.


3. As A Wear Gauge.  The Teflon bars are machined to a depth of 10mm or 0.375 inches. Thus, when the roll is broken down for maintenance, the condition of the strip can be accurately measured.


4. Continual Lubrication.  From initial startup to shut down, the combination of Teflon with graphite assures proper lubrication.

5. Energy Cost Savings Tool.  The Teflon bars lower the coefficient of kinetic  friction  between the  seal  strip  and  the suction roll,  thereby reducing the amperage draw on the machine, and thus reducing Energy Costs.

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