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Polytron S
Can Ship Overnight!

The Most

Used for Extreme

  • Not brittle

  • Waterproof

  • Lightweight

  • Rapid Shipping

  • Wear Resistant

  • Does Not Break

  • Will NOT Swell

  • East to Machine

  • Fiber-reinforced

  • Can handle extreme HEAT!

  • Resistant to Harsh Chemicals

  • Can be Drilled and Tapped

  • Can Handle UV Rays!

  • No Smell

  • No Absorption

  • No Bacteria

  • Non-Consumable

  • Doesn't Weather

The Polytron S is a specialty material that is made of a Marine-type resin. Using this type of high quality resin assure that the material is waterproof and durable. The fibers provide strength and durability. The material is easily drilled, tapped, and threaded.

The uses of this material are endless.

The material is designed to withstand almost any type of condition. No matter if it is extremely hot to freezing cold with a humid or dry environment, Polytron can handle it.

The material provides a strong resistance to wear but does not absorb liquids. It is resistant to UV rays and does not allow bacteria to grow.

Support Plate

Boat Runners

Barrier Plate

Boat Transoms

Barrier Pads

Bridge Bearings

Boom Pads

Equipment Plate

Wear Pads

Fiber Composites


Underwater Wood


Composite Sleeves


Trailer Bed Flooring


Horse Stall Flooring


Composite Pump Parts


Composite Boat Runners


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